• How to judge whether a website contains virus?
  • A simple and effective way to judge whether a web page or software have virus is to employ the firewall of the operation system. Any computer program (no matter malicious or normal) can not modify computer system without the permission of the Firewall of an Operation System. If a web page does not trigger the Firewall query´╝Üdo you allow the program to modify your computer? That usually means the web page does not have virus. If you are not sure whether the software or web page is safe, clicking [ not allow ] can stop the program.
    However, some software would close or replace the system firewall during installation. If not seeing the firewall query for a while, you got to check whether the computer firewall is closed.
    Theoretically, any program can not break through a firewall. Even if there exists virus that can break through firewall, they would not be used for general purposes.

  • How to enable the Operation System Firewall ?

  • The default Firewall of an Operation System is the most powerful tool to protect your computer. Any modification to the system would trigger the firewall query: Do you allow the program to modify your computer? But some anti-virus software may close the Firewall. Therefore, if you do not see this query for a long time, you need to check whether the Firewall is closed. Restarting the Firewall is as below:

    Start > Control Panel > Firewall > Open or close the Firewall > Open Firewall > confirm.

    What is a firewall?